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The OTTER Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a turn-key and easily deployable system for seabed mapping and monitoring of sheltered waters.

The OTTER has a footprint of only 200 x 105 x 85cm and a weight of 95kg, it is an asset that can be easily transported to the survey site in a van and deployed efficiently. Electric propulsion and a tightly integrated bathymetric survey system makes this system a cost-efficient turn-key
solution for bathymetric surveys in sheltered waters such as smaller lakes, canals, rivers, ponds and harbour areas.

The autonomous future is electric, and the OTTER is equipped with electric thrusters that are powered by 4 powerful and easily interchangeable battery packs. This gives the OTTER a best-in-class endurance for its size. The battery solution is built upon off the shelf components,
providing easy access to spare parts locally, all over the world. The OTTER can carry a variety of customer defined sensors for seabed and environmental mapping. Qualitycontrol and monitoring of the sensor performance and coverage area are performed via the Vehicle Control
Station (VCS).

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