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SVC500E / SVC400E / SVC300E

The SVC-series have a long track record and are successfully
being used by our clients world wide on various types of soil including soils containing gravel.
The Seabed vibrocorer has been designed to obtain cylindrical
cores in soft, cohesive soils at a maximum water depth of 50 meters (standard version).
After the unit is placed on the seafloor, the electrical vibration head drives the core-barrel containing the PVC core-liner into the seafloor. The stationary piston system assist in the intrusion of seabed sediment into the barrel with minimum disturbance. After recovery the vibration unit and core can be rotated in a horizontal position to facilitate the removal of the liner with the sample. The slide indicator enables you to check the achieved penetration.
The standard range of vibrocorers includes 3, 4 and 5 meter
frames but other lengths are available on request. Two core diameters are available, Ø70mm or Ø108mm. When all components are mounted to the base frame the whole unit is relatively easy to transport by 20ft container.

Download Brochure: Seabed Electric Vibrocorer

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