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SubConn Inc. has been supplying the world’s leading range of underwater pluggable electrical connectors to the demanding underwater industry for over 30 years. The SubConn range has been developed over the years to meet the needs of our global customers from shallow water use to full ocean depth rating.

We pride ourselves on manufacturing and delivering industry standard, reliable and affordable connectors and cables.

Our globally trusted range of SubConn connectors is continually being tested and reviewed to ensure the highest quality and suitability to the underwater and offshore market. Our range is regularly extended to meet new individual or industry requirements.

Circular series

circular-series-frontThe Circular connector series formed the basis for the development and technology of the Subconn® products available today. First introduced in 1978, and still in great demand, the connectors were quickly recognized as a cost effective and rugged solution by the underwater and harsh environment markets.

Low profile series

low-profile-series-frontThe Low Profile Series, as the name implies, is designed to fit on underwater flanges, instruments or sensors where height is restricted or a “neater” solution is required. The connectors use the same contact sizes as the Standard and Micro Circular Series.

Metal shell series

metal-shell-frontThe Subconn® Metal Shell (MS) Series was introduced as an alternative to the Standard Circular and Micro Series bulkhead connectors where a more rugged and protected connector is required to mate with the standard in-line connectors. The new Micro stainless steel right angle connector series is documented under the Standard Circular and Micro Series section of this catalogue.

Power series

power-series-frontThe Power Series of Subconn® connectors was introduced to meet the growing demand for increased power requirements in underwater systems. There are currently 4 standard connectors in the series with a number of “special” connectors which are listed under the Specials section of the catalogue.

Ethernet series

ethernet-series-frontThe SubConn® Ethernet programme is the first high speed underwater communications system with true Ethernet type performance. The range includes the Ethernet Connector and the Power Ethernet Connector.


specials-frontOver the last 17 years a large number of “special” connector designs for specific applications have been produced. All use the proven unique Subconn® contact design and, for the most part, are rated for deep water applications.

Penetrator series

penetrators-frontThe standard penetrator series is based on industry standard flange and bulkhead mount stainless steel bodies. There are four shell sizes, allowing an extensive combination of products. Both in-line and right angle designs are available in polyurethane and neoprene.

Micro Series

microThe Micro series of SubConn® connectors was developed to suit the increasingly smaller size of underwater instruments. Ideal for diving, ROV, ocean science, underwater video and leisure applications. Based on the original series, the compact Micro series is available with 2 to 16 contacts in the standard in line version and in bulkhead versions. Rated to full ocean depth. Micro low profile connectors are available with 3, 7 and 9 pins.

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