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For High Resolution 3D&4D Bathymetric Survey

Introducing the first, go-anywhere, go-anytime ultra-high 3D resolution curved-array bathymetric mapping solution featuring industry leading GNSS/INS positioning system from NORBIT.
This most compact, highest resolution, tightly integrated, broadband multibeam sonar solution offering a curved array and GNSS/INS that is suited for the most demanding environments (Applanix OceanMaster). The iWBMSh STX is ready for rapid mobilization and delivers highest XYZ performance for the price.

The iWBMSh STX is fully integrated with highest performing sensors to work in the most challenging environments (under bridges or in rough sea conditions). Small form factor, low power draw and tight integration allows installation on any survey platform (permanent hull mount or pole mount) NORBIT STX uses rapid electronic transmit beam scanning to combine proven 2D bathymetry into 3D georeferenced bathymetry. For dredge application a 4D experience is achieved by visualizing the change in 3D bathymetry as a function of time. Hands-free system tuning ensures quality data on the first survey.

✓ Multibeam Sonar tightly Integrated with State of the Art GNSSaided Inertial Navigation System
(Applanix OceanMaster)
✓ 80kHz Bandwidth
✓ Roll-stabilisation, Side-scan, Water Column, Backscatter, Snippets
✓ Simple Ethernet Interface
✓ Integrated Sound Velocity Probe
✓ Hydrodynamic Fairing
✓ GPS Antennas included
✓ FM & CW Processing
✓ Flexible Power Option
✓ Exceeds IHO Special Order, CHS Exclusive Order & USACE New Work

Download Brochure: PS-140001-3_iWBES_Compact_A4

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