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The Subconn® Metal Shell (MS) Series was introduced as an alternative to the Standard Circular and Micro Series bulkhead connectors where a more rugged and protected connector is required to mate with the standard in-line connectors. The new Micro stainless steel right angle connector series is documented under the Standard Circular and Micro Series section of this catalogue

The Metal Shell Subconn® Series in stainless steel is available in three shell sizes compatible with industry standards. Flange and bulkhead male and female versions are standard. Contact configurations range from 2 to 10 contacts rated 300 to 600 V at 5 to 15 Amp. The connectors are designed to mate with the compatible in-line and dummy connectors. The connectors have an integrated locking ring thread on the body and a special Delrin locking sleeves must be used on all but the smallest shell size. Pigtail leads are number tagged Teflon wires.

These connectors are used where a rugged flange mount connector is required for mating to in-line harness and cables connectors. The following is a list of typical applications:

ROV systems
Underwater TV and lighting
Seismic airgun and OBC systems
Oceanographic instrumentation
Slip ring assemblies
The following options are available with the Metal Shell Series:

Mil. Spec. gold plated contacts
Titanium, aluminium and NiAlBr bodies
Extended leads
Electro-mechanical stress terminations
Certified pressure testing
Customized mating harness cables

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