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The SubConn® Ethernet programme is the first high speed underwater communications system with true Ethernet type performance. The range includes the Ethernet Connector and the Power Ethernet Connector.

SubConn® Ethernet Connector
SubConn® Ethernet Connector can emulate Cat5E performance and operate in full ocean depth applications. The 8 contact connector series, with proven contact and socket design, has been reconfigured to maximise data flow. The mating bulkhead connectors have Cat5E cable for leads with a specially designed interface that eliminates cross talk and noise.

SubConn® Power Ethernet Connector
The SubConn® Power Ethernet Connector provides data transfer and power for underwater instruments in one high performance connector.

The combined 13 contact connector represents savings both in terms of space, as the connector has the same dimensions as the existing single function version, and in terms of economy, eliminating the need for two single function cables.

Features and benefits

High speed data communications (1 Gbit/s up to 100 m in air and water at 600 bar)*
Full ocean depth rated and tested system
Cat5E type conductors for inline cable
Cat5E cable for bulkhead leads
SubConn® Ethernet Connector has 8 contacts with 4 Ethernet TPs
SubConn® Power Ethernet Connector has 13 contacts with 4 Ethernet TPs, 4 power conductors and 1 screen
For SubConn® Power Ethernet Connector
Power rating: 600 V, max 4 A (power conductor)
Power pigtails in BH: 20 AWG
Power conductors in cable: 18 AWG
Bulkheads available in brass, titanium, anodised aluminium and stainless steel
1, 2 and 5 metre cable assemblies and various BH types held in stock
Customer specified cable and pigtail lengths can be made
Non-standard bulkhead threads and lengths
Locking sleeves and dummy connectors

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