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The Power Series of Subconn® connectors was introduced to meet the growing demand for increased power requirements in underwater systems. There are currently 4 standard connectors in the series with a number of “special” connectors which are listed under the Specials section of the catalogue.

The series comprises a single contact welding connector, two battery charging connectors and a high power 4 contact connector. All the connectors are based on the proven Subconn® contact design. The welding connectors are designed for use with a selection of cable sizes and can be operated at up to 3 KV at 250 Amp. The 2 and 3 contact battery connectors are suitable for charging up to 25 Amp and are based on the Standard Circular series. The 4 contact power connector is suitable for 600 V at 50 Amp and is supplied in the standard in-line and bulkhead configurations.

The power connectors have been designed to meet specific requirements of the industry. The following is a list of typical applications:

Marine battery pack charging
Underwater pump units
ROV power supplies
Hazardous environment power
Underwater trenching machines
The following options are available with the Power Connector Series:

Selection of compatible cables
Field installable versions of welding and battery connectors
Metal locking sleeves
Titanium and NiAlBr bodies on selected connectors
Gold plated contacts on battery connectors

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