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3D dredge & data software Beeldscherm
Seabed Navigation is the pre-eminent software product for monitoring and reporting on dredging activities. It visualizes the work process in 3D in a crane or dredging vessel. You can
even use the software wireless in an offi ce with long-range WiFi connections.

Seabed Navigation makes dredging less complicated and offers information on for instance profi les, volumes and volume calculations.

Simple set up

A dredging project needs a quick confi guration which is easy to start up and is highly reliable during the operation. Years of software development and project experience makes this possible. Seabed Navigation can be installed easily, step by step. Every step expands its functionality according to the needs of the project and/or application. One or more modules of the package are used per project. The windows on the screen can be activated as desired. An endless number of sensors and peripherals can be connected:
– GPS (RTK, DGPS) for the positioning
– Multiple GPS
– Inclino meters
– Flow meters
– Depth indicators
– Electronic gyro compass
– Sensors for tide information
– Rotation sensors
– Motion sensors
Integration with existing crane systems is always possible with minor adjustments in the software. Seabed Navigation saves every confi guration of each project. Every following project is launched with the experience gained during earlier projects.

Powerful visualization

When the software and sensors are mobilized on your vessel or pontoon, the power of Seabed Navigation reveals itself. The whole working process is represented in clear views and cross-sections in the various frames. You can see the position and the motion of the crane
change in real-time, in relation with the theoretical bottom model (or Digital Terrain Model) and the available sounding data. The frames can be adjusted to your confi guration and project. The numerical frames, with for example the dredging depth and tide, can be enlarged or reduced
according to your wishes. This way you create your own project surroundings. Every position change and movement is logged for realtime monitoring, replay and result reports capabilities.
Support, service and maintenance

In the starting phase of a project, Seabed draws up a project contract regarding the mobilization of the equipment and software. Seabed always implements the project in cooporation with the client.
Seabed offers:
– Implementation on your project
– Experienced Support Engineers
– Software updates
– Custom made service contracts
Purchase and rental possibilities

The Seabed Navigation software and all its content can be permanently installed on a crane or dredging vessel, or can be used on the basis of rental. Seabed has a professional team of support engineers at its disposal who mobilize and maintain Seabed Navigation according to the needs of the client.

Download Brochure: Leaflet Seabed navigation

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