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HMS-620 Bubble GunTM Family 260_FSI_Bubble_Gun_System

Portable Low-Frequency Acoustic Seismic Systems

Low-frequency acoustic signals provide superior sub-bottom signal penetration vertically through coarse sand, gravel tills, and other difficult-to-penetrate sediments.
Small component size, portability, and low power requirements make this a valuable tool for any survey platform.

Available in Single Source, Dual Source, or Low Frequency Source configurations


  • Cross River Survey for Bridge Construction
  • Dam Site Surveys
  • Bedrock Investigation
  • Cross-River Pipeline Construction Surveys
  • Geotechnical Site Investigation
  • Coastal Engineering
  • Ability to correlate seismic data with land based surveys


  • Narrow-band 70-700 Hz (100 Hz peak) pulse provides bottom penetration through many sediment types
  • Rugged, lightweight transducer platform provides stable operation in adverse sea-state conditions
  • Flexible portable transceiver unit optimizes system for a wide range of sediments
    • User-selectable trigger or external trigger
    • Low-noise pre-amp with hogh/low pass filters and gain control
  • Portable power supply operates from 110 or 220 VAC of less than 1 KWatt for single, 2 KWatt for dual
  • Battery Power Option Available
  • Air Cavity is Totally Sealed
  • Oil-filled hydrophone streamer cable incorporates a 7-meter multi-element active section
    • 35-meter deactivation switch
  • Single or Dual Source Transducer Systems
  • Low Frequency Source Available

Download Brochure: FSI_HMS620_Bubble_Gun_27feb2014

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