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Over the last 17 years a large number of “special” connector designs for specific applications have been produced. All use the proven unique Subconn® contact design and, for the most part, are rated for deep water applications.

The connectors range from a single contact to advanced metal shell connectors for geophysical transition zone applications. Unique products have been delivered for direct circuit board mounting, mass produced underwater flash units, hermaphroditic connectors and low profile proximity switches.

Due to the diversity of designs of the special Subconn® connectors their uses are varied and extensive. They include:

Single contact test assemblies
Pressure balance oil filled harness cables
SplitConn adapter series
Magnetic Reed switches
Six contact hermaphroditic connectors
Transition zone telemetry seismic series
Most of the special connectors have been designed for a specific application but can be modified and adapted for other uses. Development is ongoing and we encourage our customers to take advantage of the engineering services offered to develop new designs using the Subconn® concept.

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