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The connectors are available in 4 shell sizes with up to 16 contacts rated for 300 to 600 V at 5 to 15 Amp depending on the contact configuration. The standard products include in-line and bulkhead connectors with pressure proof dummy connectors. Standard connectors are manufactured from high grade neoprene with Naval Brass bulkhead bodies. Most in-line cables are water resistant SOOW flexible cables. The bulkhead connectors come with coloured Teflon leads. The locking sleeves are manufactured from injection molded Delrin with stainless steel retaining snap rings. The in-line connectors and special locking sleeves mate with the Subconn® Metal Shell Series. The Standard Circular 2-12 pin connectors are available as field installable overmould in-line connectors.

These industry standard connectors can be found in almost every market relating to the marine industry.

The following is a list of typical applications:

Transition zone and OBC seismic telemetry systems
Underwater video systems and lighting
Remote Operated Vehicle systems
Nuclear pool lighting
Oceanographic instrumentation Theme park rides, marinas and fountain lighting
The following options are available on the Standard Circular and Micro Series:

Mil Spec. gold plated contacts
Direct molding to selected polyurethane cables
Stainless steel, NiAlBr, and titanium bulkhead bodies and locking sleeves. Aluminum is available on the Micro and BH16 series
Customer specified cable and pigtail lengths
Non-standard bulkhead threads and lengths
Certified pressure testing to full ocean depth
Customized harness cables

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