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Directional Wave and Current Meter
Wave Direction and Height with vector-averaged
3D Current Speed and Direction in a Single Instrument
Enhanced Design, Performance, Specifications


The ACM-WAVE-PLUS from Falmouth Scientific, Inc. provides wave direction, wave height, and other wave statistics by combining FSI’s enhanced ACM-PLUS acoustic current meter technology with a high accuracy, micro-machined silicon pressure sensor. The instrument can be deployed in a multiple-mode format to allow periodic burst sampling of wave data as well as long-term averaging. The ACM-WAVE-PLUS includes advanced standard features such as extended on-board data memory, fast download capability, high accuracy real-time clock, and high speed data sampling. The ACM-WAVE-PLUS comes complete with FSI’s Windows-based ACMProPLUS software for system configuration and data download, as well as our WavePost software for graphics display and advanced post-processing. The device may also be equipped with an optional CTD module, and can be configured to log up to two analog inputs from external sensors (e.g., DO, OBS, Fluorometer, Transmissometer).

Download brochure: FSI_ACMWavePLUS_Brochure

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