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The MVP30 family consists of two models, the MVP30 (refer to Figure 1) and the MVP30-350.
The MVP30 is a self-contained profiling system capable of sampling the water column to depths of 30m from a vessel speed of 12 knots and deeper depths at slower speeds (125m – MVP30 and 350m – MVP30-350). The system provides near vertical profiles for oceanographic data collection of Sound Velocity, Conductivity/Temperature/Depth (CTD), and other parameters for various operations including the calibration of multibeam sounder systems for hydrographic operations.
The MVP is completely autonomous and can be computer controlled without the requirement for personnel on deck. The system consists of a Single-Sensor Free Fall Fish, an integrated electric winch with a Clutch/Brake unit, an overboarding sheave and a remotely located computer and Controller Interface Box.

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