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Seabed provides a various number of UHF radios/antennas. The most common used radio that seabed delivers is the Satelline.satel

The SATELLINE-3AS features a maximum data speed of 19.2 kbps and a number of advanced data transfer functions. Each radio modem of the network can be used as a repeater. The Message Routing function facilitates easy setup of large networks with minimum investment.

Forward Error Correction (FEC) improves the functioning of the radio modem under interference. The SATELLINE-3AS is compatible with the RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces. The 3ASd product version is equipped with an LCD display of its own.

With SATEL radio modems, setting up a local data transfer network is quick and cost effective. Your wireless network is independent and free of operator services. The cost of operation is either free of charge or fixed, depending on the frequency used. SATELLINE radio modems are type approved in over 50 countries.

SATELLINE radio modems are always on line, and provide reliable, realtime data communications over distances ranging from tens or hundreds of metres up to around 80 kilometres. Thanks to a store and forward function, any radio modem in a network can be used as a master station, substation and / or repeater.

SATELLINE radio modem networks are flexible, easy to expand and can cover a wide variety of solutions from simple point-to-point connections to large networks comprising hundreds of modems. Even for expanded networks, only one operating frequency is required.

 Large radio modem network

Message Routing features a versatile radio protocol that takes care of the routing of messages across a radio modem network. Communication is completely transparent, which makes Message Routing directly compatible for most user protocols. Even though the network can cover large areas with multiple hops and repeater stations, only one radio channel is required. Any radio modem in the network can act as a repeater station, keeping infrastructure expenses low. The SATELLINE-3AS is fully

compatible with the model SATELLINE-3AS Epic. Thanks to its high transmission power (10 W) and diversity reception, the latter can be used for exceptionally long connection distances or under signal-fading conditions.

Correctness of messages secured

In the SATELLINE-3AS the error rate is minimised by means of advance checking and correction of the data packets. In Forward Error Correction (FEC), the data packets are split into several blocks. The radio modem adds correction information inside the blocks during transmission. The Data Transfer mode of the SATELLINE-3AS includes a Command Program function in which the radio channel and addresses can be changed online from the serial port of the radio data modem. The changes are effected by means of a specific programming package (SL command), which is entered amidst ordinary data.

specs satel

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