Seabed BV

Founded in 2004, Seabed started off with three employees and a range of approximately twenty products. Over the years, the company has evolved into a full-grown company that employs 7 professionals and offers a broader range of products.
From the early start, the representation of several companies combined with Seabed’s technical know-how proved to be of major importance. That forms the key to its success.

Seabed philosophy

Seabed aims to create the perfect balance between sales, support and engineering.
The company offers a combination of technical knowledge, practical experience and a broad sales network to support its clients. Its team consists of young professionals with a variety of educational and specialist backgrounds. Their combined expertise contributes to Seabed’s high-quality product development, support and engineering.

We are pleased to support you in finding the right solution for specific applications.

Seabed Amsterdam