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iwbmsThe iWMBS is an ultra-compact complete sonar solutiondesigned specifically for a quick survey on a small vessel of opportunity. The 400 kHz integrated multibeam solution offers high resolution in conjunction with the preferred inertial navigation system from surveyor around the world. Having the inertial navigation system GNSS/INS integrated into the sonar, ensure fast and reliable mobilization.

The WBMS-series are based on a flexible sonar platform that utilizes the latest in analog and digital signal processing.


  • Multibeam Sonar integrated with IMU and GPS;
  • State of the art GNSS-aided inertial navigation system;
  • 80 kHz Broadband;
  • Ultra-compact Turn-key solution;
  • Simple Ethernet interface;
  • Fast and reliable Mobilization;
  • Integrated Sound Velocity Probe;
  • Hydrodynamic Fairing;
  • Mounting bracket included;
  • FM & CW Transmissions;
  • Flexible power.


  • Shallow Water Bathymetry;
  • Exceeds IHO Special Order;
  • Exceeds USACE Class 1 & LINZ Special Order;
  • Pipeline Surveys;
  • Pond Surveys;
  • Harbor Surveys;
  • USV, UUV, AUV & ROV Surveys;
  • MCM & Littoral Combat Zone Surveys.


  • Senior Hydrographer support and training;
  • Navigation Post Processing Software;
  • Sound Velocity Profiler;
  • Data and processing software;
  • Laptop;


Download Brochure: PS-120006-5_MBES_Integrated_A4

For more information please contact:

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