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The standard penetrator series is based on industry standard flange and bulkhead mount stainless steel bodies. There are four shell sizes, allowing an extensive combination of products. Both in-line and right angle designs are available in polyurethane and neoprene.

Designs are not limited to the standard bodies and many “specials” have been delivered. Combinations of power, signal and fibre optics are available in a single unit.

Penetrators are used in a many underwater applications where the use of a connector pair is either too costly or not necessary.

ROV electronics bottles
Camera and instrument housings
Diving systems
Underwater trenchers
The majority of options relate to cable design, the choice of moulding material and the shell material. The following is a selection of options available:

Aluminium, Titanium and NiAlBr bodies
Hybrid electrical and optic assemblies
Neoprene and polyurethane cables
Neoprene and polyurethane moulding
Certified pressure testing
Customized body designs

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