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  • orinocoMultiple sensor data acquisition system
    Based on the successful Orinoco line of tide gauges, the OrinocoSolo V3 is the latest offspring. The basic unit is a high capacity data logger with up to eight analogue inputs and up to four RS232 inputs (optional) and one serial data output which supports multiple formats.
  • Versatile sensor inputs
    Multiple analogue sensors can be connected. Sensor input ranges from 0- 10 Volts or 0 – 25 mA. Power is only applied to the sensors when measuring, so the total power consumption is minimized. For ratio metric sensors a reference voltage of 10.00 Volts is available.
  • 2GB Solo Storage
    The Orinoco Solo V3 stores data on a SD-Multimedia Card. These stamp-sized cards contain a minimum of 2GB of nonvolatile flash memory. Therefore your data is safe as soon as it is written to the card and will not be affected by power failures.
  • Serial output and telemetry
    The Orinoco Solo has a RS-232 or RS-485 compatible output Orinoco Solo V3
    which can be used to send data to a computer, modem or a wireless telemetry unit like radio, GSM, GPRS and Wifi.
  • Battery operation
    The Orinoco Solo can be fitted with an externa Li-Ion battery pack for complete stand-alone operation. Battery voltage is monitored by the unit and transmitted if required. The Orinoco Solo V3 automatically powers down when a low battery voltage is detected.
  • Usage
    The Seabed Orinoco Solo is used as a datalogger for tide & turbidity measurements, angle registration for a wirecranes, etc. The Orinoco Solo can be configurated on site.
  • Software
    The Orinoco Solo V3 comes with dedicated Windows based software for easy configuration and to manage the data stored on the SD card.

Download Brochure: Seabed Orinoco Solo V3

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