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The R330 GNSS receiver is a full solution product in a compact enclosure. The R330 use the Hemisphere GNSS’ Eclipse™ platform and our latest GNSS patented technology. The R330 provides accurate positioning using several differential correction methods such as Athena™ RTK, Atlas® L-band corrections (Atlas Basic, H30, H10), Beacon, and SBAS. Our patented Multifunction Application (MFA) firmware allows the R330 to smoothly transition between DGNSS systems.

The R330 GNSS receiver works well in any marine or land application where positioning accuracy is required. The base unit is configured as single frequency, 10 Hz, SBAS, and raw data. The unit can be optionally subscribed to multi-freqeuncy, multi-GNSS, 20 Hz, RTK, Atlas (Atlas Basic, H30, or H10), and Beacon. Compatible GNSS antennas for the R330 are A21, A25, A31, A42, A43, A45 and A52.

The R330 GNSS receiver works with two new advanced technology features; aRTK™ and Tracer™. Hemisphere’s aRTK technology, powered by Atlas, allows the R330 to operate with RTK accuracies when RTK corrections fail. Tracer uses specialized algorithms to sustain positioning in the absence of corrections data.

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