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Seaber Yuco AUV

The 1st Micro-AUV to cross the English Channel!

32km separate the UK from France. As Seaber was travelling back from the Oceanology International show last year in their van, they wondered: “why couldn’t the YUCO do the same thing?”

A year later, the SEABER team with their YUCO, a micro-sized underwater vehicle weighing 10kg and measuring 1 meter long, made the crossing!

Launched from Folkestone in the UK and recovered by the beach in Wissant in France, the YUCO crossed the English Channel in less than 8 hours. It navigated 39km with high accuracy by resurfacing 4 times during the crossing with still 35% of autonomy!  🚀

This is the very first micro autonomous underwater vehicle to accomplish this incredible mission. This allowed us to develop and test brand new features in the meantime that will soon be available for our customers.


Watch the video of the YUCO crossing the English Channel

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