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Seaber Yuco AUV

The 1st Micro-AUV to cross the English Channel!

32km separate the UK from France. As Seaber was travelling back from the Oceanology International show last year in their van, they wondered: "why couldn't the YUCO do the same thing?" A year later, the SEABER team with their YUCO,…

Norbit NORdredge dredging solution

Norbit NORdredge

Hydrographic Surveying with USV and SV for Dredging In the resent years the construction industry has seen a shortage of resources available to conduct hydrographic surveys for dredging operations, in an effort to improve the mobilization time and reduce the…


New in Seabed rental pool

Seabed recently added new items to the rental pool. To the already existing rental pool with Multibeams, USV, GNSS, underwater probes and many more, Seabed added an USBL from Ixblue, the Gaps M7 and a new AML MVP30-350. For more…


Moving Vessel Profiler (MVP) Money saving calculator

Learn how MVP can make a difference for you. AML’s Moving Vessel Profiler is proven to remove both the technical and financial unpredictability associated with survey operations. With over 130 systems sold, MVP is the market leader in underway profiling systems, and…


New dealership Honeywell

Seabed is proud to announce the dealership with Honeywell. Honeywell is a manufacturer of high end equipment. Their inertial navigation systems are most commonly known for their rugged housing and superior reliability. Their customers from around the world rely on…


Norbit NORdredge – Dredging Monitoring made easy

1. Summary The dredging development, since its beginning in 15th century throughout further industrialization of the dredging market, has been directly allied to development of the monitoring capabilities of the water depths during the dredging operations. When concerning water transportation…

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