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The USV systems

Size matters when it comes to sea-state capabilities and endurance, and for open-water and coastal missions the larger MARINER USV will be the obvious choice. Capable of open water operations, (coastal and offshore equipped with diesel engine, the MARINER USV offers a survey endurance of 2 days’ continuous operation and a speed range of up to more than 30 knots for rapid transit legs. Slightly below 6 m overall length, it can still fit into a standard cargo-freight container, which makes the MARINER USV a mobile and deployable system. A smaller vehicle can be more flexible and convenient when it comes to sheltered and calm waters. A small USV has obvious advantages, both during shipping and handling at the site of operation, making our new OTTER (of only 181 cm length and 60kg weight) an obvious candidate for shorter duration surveys in lakes, canals, rivers, ponds and harbours. Compared to a bigger USV, the OTTER also has a lower price entry point.

The Otter

Seabed Electric Vibrocorer (SVC) series

The Mariner

Unmanned Service Vehicle
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