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The MARINER Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a multipurpose unmanned vehicle for offshore and coastal applications.

The MARINER USV is made of polyethelene and offers a very stable, unsinkable and near
maintenance-free construction. The vehicle will fit into a standard 20 feet container for easy cargo shipping.

The MARINER is equipped with a large payload room of more than one cubic meter and can be
equipped with a variety of surface and sub-surface sensors/payload types such as: EO/IR camera, radars, oceanographic instruments, hydroacoustic positioning systems, echo sounders (single and multibeam) and sonar systems etc. The sub-surface sensors can be mounted through a moon-pool in the mid area of the craft, and an elevator mechanism for sinking and lowering the sensor under the hull can also be installed.

The MARINER can be delivered with diesel engine or diesel-electric propulsion system with waterjet or stern-drive. The USV operator monitors the MARINER and its installed payload from the Vehicle Control Station (VCS) which features electronic charts, engine and navigation info. The operator can monitor the surrounding sea areas and get collision avoidance aiding from AIS, radar and video information.

Download Brochure: Mariner

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