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Innovations in the dredging industry follow each other rapidly. The accuracy with which new waterways, ports, artificial island, etc. are generated is increasingly important as is the accuracy in the maintenance. Therefore, accurate visualization of the dredge head is of absolute importance.
Different methods are used to visualize the bottom prior to the dredging process. Surveys are done during the dredging process, which are processed a visualized in data maps. This allows the dredging companies to see, where they are, where they have been and where they need to be. But how can you visualize your dredging process as you are dredging? Seabed offers a complete real-time solution in the field of dredging monitoring and positioning. By monitoring all moving elements of the dredge system seabed is able to achieve an absolute accuracy of <5 cm at the edge of the bucket, grab, cutter or other dredging instrument. The dredge system is deployed as an all in one unit in a multipurpose (portable) ruggedized case IP67. This highly advanced guidance system is efficient, can be configured through a user friendly WebGUI and is compatible with all sorts of data acquisitions software like QINSy, Hypack, Eiva or PDS2000. The system can be applied on any vessel or crane involved in dredge operations for example:
• Wire crane;
• Hydraulic crane;
• Cutter dredger;
• Hopper dredger.

Download brochure: Seabed dredge registration system

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