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Seabed is introducing the first lightweight multibeam set in the world that can be transported as check-in luggage with any airline with no extra charge. The SPLMS is ideal for projects where rapid mobilization is required and where logistical challenges are taken into account due to the simple deployment.




Set components
• Norbit WBMS
The ultra-compact wideband sonar has low power consumption. The new technology allows long range real time data collection whilst simultaneously achieving very high range resolution. The sonar has an integrated SV sensor and capabilities to record snippets, water column and side scan data.
• Seabed SGR7-D Sx Fully integrated GNSS Receiver
From standalone meter-level to RTK centimeter level positioning, the SGR7 is flexible to meet your positioning needs. With an integrated 4G modem, gigabyte switch, onboard intelligence, INS ready, display, 555 channels and comprehensive support for all current GNSS signals, the SGR7 is a state of the art GNSS receiver.
Using sensor fusion in bringing together two different but complementary technologies: GNSS positioning and inertial navigation. The absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of inertial measurement unit (IMU) gyro and accelerometer measurement are tightly coupled to provide an exceptional 3D navigation solution that is stable and continuously available, even during periods when satellite signals are blocked.
• AML Base-X2 Sound velocity profiler
This rugged shallow water logging instrument is designed for profiling in coastal water, high speed 25Hz sampling ensures excellent data resolution. A great benefit is that the Base X2 connects through Wi-Fi with your PC and downloads the cast upon lifting the sensor out of the water.
This is an integrate navigation system software package used extensively worldwide for acquiring and processing multibeam data. A template has been prepared for the
usage of above mentioned equipment.
• Ruggedized Rimowa transport case
A lightweight Polycarbonat multiwheel case with electronic tag system and custom made reinforced inlay.

Set benefits
• Transportable as check in luggage by any airline
(weight <25 kg)
• Full integrated and ready to use
• Rapidly deployable at any vessel
• Simple ethernet interface
• Low power consumption. The set can be operated for a full day on a car battery.
• ITAR Free

Download Brochure: Seabed Portable Lightweight Multibeam Set brochure

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