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End of Life service for AML fixed sensors instrumentation











End of Life Reminder: Fixed-Sensor / Legacy Instrumentation

This is your final chance to schedule service work for any legacy fixed-sensor instrumentation. To accomodate last minute requests, we have extended the EOL deadline to July 15th, 2021.

Do you have any legacy equipment that you would like to get serviced for the last time? Please contact


As of June 30, 2021, AML Oceanographic is ending general support including service, technical support, calibration, and repair of legacy fixed-sensor instrumentation.

Fixed-sensor instrumentation refers to any instrument which has sensors integrated into the instrument body; the sensors are non-removable. These instruments are typically identified as Micro, Minos, Plus, or Smart instruments, and lack the “•X” moniker or blue collars associate with X•change instrumentation. The serial number is commonly 4 digits in length and the date of manufacture is typically prior to 2010.

This notice does NOT apply to X•Change instruments and sensors which are denoted by blue (or orange) sensor collars.

  • Micro-CTD, SV, SVP, SVTP, P, or ‘Flow’
  • Minos-SVP, CTD, SVx with fixed P, or similar
  • Plus-SV V2 and V2, CTD 12, or similar
  • Smart-SV, SVP, SVT, SV2000, or similar.

Support for these instruments will remain in effect until June 30, 2021. Users that have projects planned which require use of these instruments are encouraged to contact AML at their soonest convenience to schedule service work.


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