SetWidth158-UIMUThe UIMU-LCI is a tactical grade IMU from Northrop-Grumman Litef GMBH. The custom NovAtel mechanical enclosure and software interface of the IMU integrates easily into a NovAtel SPAN enabled GNSS+INS receiver such as the FlexPak6™ or ProPak6™. IMU measurements are sent from the UIMU-LCI to the GNSS+INS receiver where a blended GNSS+INS position, velocity and attitude solution is generated at up to 200 Hz.


  • Closed-loop fiber optic gyros
  • Micromechanical accelerometers
  • 200 Hz data rate
  • SPAN INS functionality


  • Tactical grade IMU performance
  • Easy integration with NovAtel’s SPAN capable GNSS+INS receivers


General Info

  • Length (mm)195.00
  • Width/Diameter (mm)168.00
  • Height (mm)146.00
  • Weight (g)4250.00
  • Typical Power Consumption (W)16.00

IMU Data Rate

  • 200 Hz

Gyro Type

  • Fiber Optic


  • Gyro Bias Offset (deg/hr): 1
  • Gyro Angular Random Walk (deg/√hr): 0.05
  • Gyro Scale Factor (ppm): 100
  • Gyro Range (±deg/s): 800
  • Accelerometer Bias (mg): <1
  • Accelerometer Scale Factor (ppm): 250
  • Accelerometer Range (±g): 40

Advantages of UIMU-LCI

The low noise and stable biases of the accelerometer and gyro sensors mean that the IMU is well suited for ground or airborne survey applications or general positioning and navigation in locations where standard GNSS receivers are not sufficient. The IMU is manufactured in Germany.

Improve SPAN LCI Accuracy

Take advantage of our Advance® RTK as well as support for other satellite based augmentation systems such as L-Band or SBAS to improve real-time performance and accuracy. For more demanding applications, Inertial Explorer® post-processing software from our Waypoint® Product Group can be used to post-process SPAN LCI data and offers the highest level of accuracy with the system.

Download Brochure: IMU-LCI

For more information please contact: sales@seabed.nl