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Seabed GNSS Receiver 7

The SGR7 is a robust, high precision receiver designed to be an ultra-flexible user-friendly device. From standalone meter-level to RTK centimeter level positioning, the SGR7 is flexible to meet your positioning needs. Capable of receiving several PPP correction signals like Oceanix you can go up to 4cm accurate, base station free. With an integrated 4G modem, gigabyte switch, onboard intelligence, INS ready, display, 555 channels, and comprehensive support for all current GNSS signals, the SGR7 is a state of the art GNSS Receiver.

The SGR7 is equipped with numerous interfaces including an integrated switch providing two gigabyte ethernet ports, and several RS232/485/422 serial ports. To provide RTK the SGR has an integrated 4G modem, providing the convenience of no extra costs and space of an additional modem. The modem can be used for standard internet functionalities as well.

The SGR7 has an easy accessible WebGUI, providing various ways to setup the receiver. A wizard can be used to guide you through setting up your system in an easy and intuitive way. For customers who like a more hands on approach, the system can be setup using the expert settings also.

INS Ready
Using sensor fusion in bringing together two different but complementary technologies: GNSS positioning and inertial navigation. The absolute accuracy of GNSS positioning and the stability of inertial measurement unit (IMU) gyro and accelerometer measurement are tightly coupled to provide an exceptional 3D navigation solution that is stable and continuously available, even during periods when satellite signals are blocked. The SGR7 supports IMU’s from different manufacturers from low accuracy mems to high accuracy FOG units. All ITAR Free.

Benefits/ Features
• Future proofed with all the current and upcoming GNSS signals;
• Rugged IP67 housing for a reliable use in all environments;
• Multiple communication interfaces;
• 555 channels
• 16GB onboard memory for data logging
• Heading ready
• Integrated modem; LTE internet accessible
• Selectable output display;
• 2 Ethernet port gigabyte switches

Download Brochure: Seabed leaflet_SRG67 Receiver_ 

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