survey2The VERIPOS Apex service is the latest, global, high-accuracy GNSS positioning service designed to meet all offshore positioning and navigation applications. Apex is complementary to the VERIPOS Ultra service and provides decimetre level accuracy. Each service operates independently.

Apex uses Precise Point Positioning (PPP) – an absolute positioning technique which corrects or models all GNSS error sources, i.e. GPS satellite orbit and clocks, tropospheric, ionospheric and multipath errors. The Precise Point Positioning technique consists of a single set of ‘globally applicable’ corrections to the satellite orbits and clocks, so position accuracy is maintained regardless of user location.

VERIPOS operates its own orbit and clock determination system (OCDS) which derives real-time corrections for all satellites in the GPS constellation using proprietary algorithms. The OCDS uses data from the VERIPOS reference station network with multiple and redundant OCDS systems running in VERIPOS-operated Network Control Centres in Aberdeen and Singapore. These stations are independent from the reference stations used by JPL to derive the orbit and clock corrections used by Ultra. Apex is broadcast alongside Ultra via seven geostationary communications satellites to ensure availability and service redundancy.

The Apex service is available using the range of VERIPOS Receiver hardware and through Verify QC and VERIPOS DP visualisation software applications.

Download Brochure: VERIPOS_APEX_001_Rev06

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