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TerraStar-C is an advanced GNSS correction dataset delivered globally from our high availability land-surveyinfrastructure. It complements the other TerraStar datasets, and allows our Partners to further improve the accuracy and robustness of the real-time solution they provide.

Dual-frequency code and carrier-phase capable receivers combine the TerraStar-C data with state-of-the-art error models and positioning algorithms to remove and reduce errors to the maximum possible extent. Using both GPS and GLONASS satellites helps maintain the expected level of accuracy even in more difficult user environments, and reduces the solution convergence time.

The TerraStar-C dataset contains information that enables carrier phase ambiguities to be resolved to their true integer values within the receiver position solution, such as orbit and clock corrections, and bias information. It also uses an improved data update rate in the message broadcast. “Fixing” ambiguities in this way is a cornerstone of the most accurate GNSS techniques and allows absolute positioning accuracies of a few centimetres to be achieved.

TerraStar-C not only allows another step forward in positioning accuracy, but by fixing ambiguities it also enables a more robust positioning solution with the ability to quickly regain its full accuracy following a temporary loss of GNSS signals. This offers benefits for users who suffer temporary signal blockages.

Download Brochure: Terrastar-C_Datasheet

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