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SBS300 / SBS500

The SBS is a Pneumatic Hammer Corer which has to be driven by an air compressor of at least 2500 lit/min + 8-12 bar depending on water depth. The system consists of a bottom frame and 2 guide posts on which the air hammer with core barrels is mounted. This system is easy to mobilize and operate.

SBS 300

The SBS 300 weighs approximately 400 kilograms and has a height of 4 meters. Therefore a small hoisting crane is sufficient to hoist the penetration device over the side of the pontoon or vessel and position it on the bottom. The hammer has a weight of 50 kilograms en beats with a frequency of 1400 hits per minute on the drill tube. The SBS 300 can acquire a bottom sample of 3 meters long.
SBS 500

The SBS 500 weighs approximately 600 kilograms and has a height of 6 meters. The SBS 500 can acquire a bottom sample of 5 meters long. Bottom sampler 300 & 500 Application
After the unit is placed on the seafloor, air is fed to the hammer driving the core-barrel containing the PVC core-liner into the seafloor. After recovery the vibration unit and core can be rotated in a horizontal position to facilitate the removal of the liner with the sample.
The standard range of vibrocorers includes 3, and 5 meter frames. When the whole system is dismantled it can be easily transported.


Download brochure: Seabed Bottom Sampler

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