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GrafNet is a static network processing package. It creates a single network by tying all the ends of static GNSS baselines together. Within minutes, GrafNet processes the entire project in a single operation. When the processing is completed, GrafNet color codes the baselines so irregular ones are isolated from the project and can be easily analyzed. GrafNet allows three types of static baseline processing solutions:

  • fixed static
  • float
  • ionospheric free

Flexible, High Quality Solutions

Support for native receiver formats from multiple manufacturers means GrafNet will likely work with your existing hardware. Multiple quality control features are built-in so the quality of the solution is never in question. The base station download utility allows access to thousands of publicly available reference stations.


  • Improved accuracy through forward/reverse processing
  • Accurate fixed static solutions and iono-free processing for long baselines
  • Compatibility with multiple receiver manufacturers for maximum flexibility
  • Support for GPS L1/L2/L2C and GLONASS


  • Static network processing
  • Provides best possible position accuracy, down to the centimetre level
  • Network Adjustment
  • Manual and automatic loop closure computations


Enhanced GNSS Accuracy through Post-Processing

In post-processing applications, the raw GNSS data is collected and stored for use after the mission. GrafNav Static takes advantage of features like local base station differential processing, processing forward and backward in time, and application of precise satellite clock and orbit information in order to generate a much more accurate solution than what may be possible in real time.

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