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VEXXIS® GNSS-800 Series Antennas

The VEXXIS GNSS-800 series of antennas features a patented multi-point feeding network as well as advanced radiation pattern optimization technology. The multi-point feeding network provides symmetric radiation patterns across all frequencies, delivering excellent multipath rejection, and very small phase center variation and offset. The result is better carrier phase measurements and a more accurate RTK solution.

Our radiation pattern optimization technology enables low elevation satellite tracking without sacrificing gain for higher elevation satellites. With more satellite observations and the low profile of GNSS-800 antennas, users can expect excellent performance even in difficult environments where parts of the sky can be obstructed.

The most rugged high precision antennas NovAtel has designed to date, all antennas feature ultra-durable watertight enclosures, and have been proven to sustain intense vibration, earning the MIL-STD-810G rating.

  • Range of antennas covering all GNSS constellations and frequencies, including L-band signal reception, supporting correction services such as TerraStar
  • Multi-point antenna feed provides stable phase center and enhanced multipath rejection
  • Radiation pattern optimization technology yields exceptional low elevation satellite tracking
  • Provides exceptional tracking performance previously unachievable in a small form factor
  • Hermatically sealed enclosure to endure the toughest environments
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GAJT®-710MS Anti-Jam Antenna




Jamming and interference, whether intentional or unintentional, can seriously degrade GPS position, navigation and time availability – even to the point of total solution denial. Jammers create excessive noise, overpowering the low power GPS signals and saturating the electronics in a GPS receiver front end. Methods are needed to suppress this interference so your GPS receiver continues to operate.


  • Affordable protection for GPS position, velocity and time
  • Up to 40 dB of additional anti-jamming protection
  • Single enclosure system
  • Simultaneous GPS L1 and L2 protection
  • Adaptive digital nulling


  • Low cost anti-jam protection for ships and boats
  • Easy to integrate, ideal for retrofitting
  • Anti-jam protection in dynamic multi-jammer scenarios
  • Compatible with legacy GPS receivers

Low Cost, Small Form Factor

Until now, the high cost and large size of Controlled Reception Pattern Antennas (CRPAs) has limited their use to the largest capital ships while other vessels in the fleet were left vulnerable to GPS interference. The GAJT-710MS from NovAtel combines a CRPA and null forming electronics into a marine hardened enclosure that is suitable for installation on a wide range of marine vessels, from small patrol boats to large carriers.

Patented, Leading Edge Technology

The system uses NovAtel’s patented seven-element Pinwheel® CRPA to receive GPS signals in the L1 and L2 bands. Interference mitigation is achieved by applying proprietary digital beamforming algorithms to the signals, creating dynamic nulls to give protection against narrowband and broadband interference sources. Integration to your GPS receiver is seamless.

How it Works

GAJT mitigates interference by creating nulls in the antenna gain pattern in the direction of jammers, providing significant anti-jam protection even in dynamic multi-jammer scenarios. The output of the GAJT-710MS is a standard Radio Freqency (RF) feed, suitable for input to legacy GPS receivers.

Built For the Future

GAJT protects L1 and L2 GPS signals. The wide bandwidth of the GAJT-710MS ensures future compatibility with M-Code GPS.

Download Brochure: GAJT-710MS

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