Z720 Mobile Mapping system

The Z-720 mobile mapping system represents the very latest in dynamic geospatial data collection technology. The system comes fully calibrated and ready to operate, complete with its own 3D data acquisition and visualisation software.






Delivering up to 720,000 data points per second,
the system can be used at near highway speeds and is ideally suited to any number of applications including; highway planning, bridge, height and width, asset management, railroad surveys, corridor mapping, power lines, pipelines , volumes and much more.
The compact form factor and light weight of the Z-720 allows the system to be fitted to almost
any type of vehicle, vessel or mobile platform in a matter of minutes.
The system has been designed to be simple to mobilise and easy to operate without the need for specialised training or qualifications.
Being able to rapidly acquire accurate geospatial data in real time, without the need for post
processing, not only offers a number of cost and efficiency benefits to existing operations,
it also helps create new business and market opportunities.
The Z-720 is delivered as a fully calibrated ready to go mobile mapping system. Onsite training is included with every system together with 12 months 24/7 telephone and WEB support and over-the-net remote control features.

Download Brochure: Z720 Mobile Mapping System

For more information please contact: sales@seabed.nl